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Gain pivotal marketing and product development skills while pumping up your energy - in only three hours!

In every workshop, we do live coaching for interested participants.

Workshop Topic #1: Generate Business Ideas that Energize You & Your Customers

Whether you want to start a full-time business or a part-time side hustle, often the most difficult first step is coming up with a business model that makes you (and your future customers) feel like jumping out of bed in the morning! If you have been tossing ideas back-and-forth but your intuition says, “I’m not sure this idea is strong enough,” this workshop will put your meandering ideas on a clear path to launch.

Workshop Topic #2: Is My Business Idea Strong Enough?

When you offer products or services which are meaningfully unique, people are 235% more likely to engage. In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • recognize a meaningfully unique idea,
  • combine your ideas with unrelated concepts to trigger meaningfully unique new ideas,
  • gather data in only a few minutes about whether your idea is meaningful and unique, and
  • engage a group in 15 minutes to exponentially improve your idea.

Workshop Topic #3: Which Great Idea Should You Pursue?

You did the research and found you have multiple incredibly great ideas with clear audiences and revenue models. This workshop teaches you how to activate an vision that helps you choose between great options. The role of the leader is to provide that central vision. However, if the leader cannot clearly (and concisely) articulate that vision, the rest of the team can quickly get off track, wasting time and money. Learn how to be the rudder for your team's journey and to adjust as you learn more.

Workshop Topic #4: Plan-Do-Study-Act - Implement a System that Keeps Your Project Moving

Have you ever invested a lot of energy or money developing a product idea, only to find no one wants to buy it? This system will help you to rapidly and cheaply test prototypes so you know your idea will have an enthusiastic audience. The more meaningfully unique your idea, the more fear you might feel to move it forward. By breaking down the process into reasonable steps, you can move forward.

Workshop Topic #5: How to Get Teams To Collaborate on Innovation

If your company has lots of great ideas that disappear into an abyss every time you try to move forward - you have a system problem. In this workshop, your teams learn to see where things break down, and how to find new common ground to move forward. Stop blaming each other and start fixing the system.

Workshop Topic #6: Grow your Network via LinkedIn to Achieve your Career and Business Goals

Between 70-85 percent of jobs are filled through networking – it’s more powerful than any other method of job searching. Your best chance at landing an ideal role is through cultivating your network. We’ll evolve your account through three levels of optimization:

  • Step 1: Make your profile stand out
  • Step 2: Build your network to get insider info about great opportunities
  • Step 3: Create systems to cultivate relationships and practice thought leadership