About Carla

Hi! I’m Carla Brown and I started Press the Go Button to help people take their vision and make viable businesses and non-profits.

Carla Brown
Photo by Avelino Maestas

There are lots of ways to support people who are making new businesses and non-profits. I found the way that was most energizing for me and my clients was in-person workshops. I live in the Washington DC area and I’m happy to travel to you.

I also coach over Skype / Google Hangouts, but this is ideally done after a workshop to leverage the energy boost we generate when we are together.

Even if you don’t have enough people in your organization to fill a workshop, if you let me know you are interested, I can find a place for us to meet and gather more participants. So email me at carla[@]pressthegobutton.com and sign up for emails or social media to be notified about upcoming workshop dates.