Making a Visualization of a Company’s Values

Keith Poole, Leadership Advisor, khrusallís
Keith Poole, Leadership Advisor, khrusallís

The company khrusallís works with hospitals and other businesses to make processes more efficient using Lean methodologies. Company owner Keith Poole came to Press the Go Button to make a visual explanation of the khrusallís approach for use in marketing materials.

To create this visualization, I interviewed Keith about his company’s values and wrote a Blue Card or vision statement for his company.

khrusallís logo

We identified these key values:

  • Transformation, not just temporary change – The fictitious word khrusallis is derived from the Greek word for gold – khrusos, which is the basis of several English words including chrysalis. It refers to anything in the state of developing, but most people associate it with the moment when a caterpillar’s skin hardens into a shell so they can begin their metamorphosis inside into a butterfly. Keith chose this company name because when he works with a client, he designs the changes in such a way that the change is permanent.
  • Designing for sustainment – This means that the changes are not dependent on staff remembering new processes, working faster or other temporary fixes. It means changing the physical inputs of processes.
  •  Continuous alignment between the improvements and the leadership vision – It is built in to the khrusallís approach to check in with leadership’s vision, mission, culture and market annually to ensure each project is addressing the most important challenge in the hospital.

When Keith described his projects with hospitals across the United States, he had an interesting observation, which was that he could assess the health of a hospital’s systems by observing four departments – the lab, pharmacy, surgery and emergency room. We decided to visualize these areas as the heart of the system, since it’s similar to how a heart pumps blood throughout a body. The heart’s efficiency or inefficiency impacts systems throughout the hospital and has a huge impact on the health of the whole body.

He also talked about the importance of aligning all projects with the leadership’s vision, so we visualized that work as evaluating the mind or head of the system.

Since the first step of the khrusallís approach was evaluating the head and the heart of the hospital, we decided to show this as a human body walking on a flat plane. Once the best opportunity was identified, the human body walks up steps, representing how khrusallís takes the hospital to the next level. Each step represents one project within the hospital. The staircase all together represents the goal of transformation, once many systems are functioning efficiently.

It took about three hours to clearly articulate the key values of the khrusallís approach, and to identify ways we could represent those values visually and cohesively in one diagram. It involved lots of sketching, as well as pulling up images from Google to identify what visual style fit the brand.

That discussion resulted in this clean sketch:

Sketch of khrusallís process - before design
Sketch of khrusallís process – before design

We then took the clean sketch to a designer who added the khrusallís color palette and digitized the image for print.

khrusallís process - after design
khrusallís process – after design

This became a key component in a marketing deliverable for khrusallís to take to health care conferences.

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